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6 Ways to Keep Motivation High



6 Ways to Keep Motivation High

It’s long been said that the employees are the biggest asset any company can have. It’s not a cliché because it’s true. The everyday grind can take a serious toll on your employees, especially on those in important and stressful positions. It’s the duty of managers to notice when an employee is experiencing burnout or any other difficulties and help them find motivation and power to carry on. This isn’t only a decent thing to do – it can also save the company a lot of time and money because a happy employee is a productive employee.

Do the research

Before comforting the employee or preparing the strategy for increasing their motivation – do some research. Find out as much as you can about the employee’s background and, if possible, their personal life (and possible problems related to it). Also, have in mind how long has the employee been with the company and did they advance during that time. All of this will help you understand the situation better and approach it in a manner that’s best suited to both the needs of the company and the issues that the employee is facing.

Honest talk

Address the motivation issues head on. Create a safe zone in which your employees can openly discuss the problems and the potential ways to solve them. Don’t forget to praise good aspects of their work and emphasize their importance to the company. Acknowledge that there is a temporary setback in terms of motivation if there is one. Allow your employees to propose ways in which their motivation levels can be increased, and try to actually hear their answers out. These talks should be honest, but delicate – no one should feel like they are being threatened or mocked because of their performance levels.

Set up goals

Setting up clear objectives and providing a timeline in which they should be completed may seem like a too rigid working environment, but it can actually be very helpful. Having clearly stated goals can help your workers reduce work-related stress, and they can even help them be more motivated. Most of the anxiety comes from setting goals that are too unrealistic and then failing to meet them. Regular check-ins and performance reviews are an integral part of this approach and should be scheduled as well.


Sometimes, offering small, but meaningful perks is all it takes to get the juices flowing. For instance, gift cards could be a nice, practical choice because they allow your employees to spend money in stores of their own choosing. Visa prepaid gift card can be a perfect solution given that they work with hundreds of businesses and have no hidden fees, which means that the recipient can spend the entire value of the card. There are also no tax fees or paperwork that needs to be filled out, so everyone’s time can be spent on more important and productive matters.

Changing the scenery

Sometimes the change of scenery is all you need to change the perspectives and minds of your employees. Team buildings are getting a bad rap, but they are an efficient tool for improving productivity. Relationships within the company can benefit just from taking a few days off with your team and getting to know each other better. More often than not, the best ideas and breakthroughs can originate from these events. Obviously, it’s not only about the trip – the whole exercise should be dedicated to reaffirming the bonds between team members.

Rewarding improvement

It’s of utmost importance to acknowledge and reward the improvements made by these steps. Sometimes it’s enough just to make the employee feel appreciated and to let them know they’ve made progress. In other cases, a few days off or a small bonus is what it takes for the employee to get some much-needed rest and feel like their hard work has been noticed and rewarded. 

Each employee has their own way of dealing with stress and motivation. That’s why there’s no universal way to deal with motivation problems. Try to create the approach that’s best suited to your management style as well as the personalities of your workers. The goal isn’t just to increase productivity, but for everyone to feel welcome as well.

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