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A Different Approach To Father’s Day


A Different Approach To Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming, and many Americans may be struggling to find the ideal gift this week for their fathers or equivalent male role-models. This phenomenon is not at all unusual because decades of advertising have transformed Father’s Day into essentially a “second Christmas for men.” “Economists estimate that Americans spend more than $1 billion each year on Father’s Day gifts.”

While buying gifts for special occasions does have a place in American life, there are other types of good gestures that may prove to be more convenient or innovative for some. Maybe you are not looking to spend a lot of money this Sunday or you have simply exhausted all of your Father’s Day gift ideas. The cliche statement that “it’s the thought that counts” may serve as an appropriate foundation to discover fun activities and thoughtful favors.

Doing something as simple as washing your father’s dusty car, cleaning the sticky barbeque grill, or organizing the garage can save him hours of work and emanate a powerful appreciation for his “manly” habits, duties, and pastimes. You can also look at Father’s Day as a celebration of masculinity, in which case visiting a nearby national park, going to a local sports event, or organizing a small videogame tournament could shake up the Father’s Day experience.

However you choose to celebrate this coming Sunday, the key take-away is to remember that fathers do matter. If you choose to buy a cute gift or try out any of the aforementioned ideas, make sure that it communicates an appreciation and love for those who serve as a prime father example for their children and their family.

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Benedikt Munzar

Benedikt Munzar is currently a Sophomore at Pepperdine University studying History and Pre-Medicine. Born abroad in the Czech Republic and raised in Northern California, Benedikt wishes to travel the world amid and after his primary duties. He will be studying abroad in Italy during the 2015-16 school year.

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