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The Art of Accessorizing for Work


The Art of Accessorizing for Work

No matter how fabulous your individual pieces of clothing are, the truth is – we all come to a point where we’ve got nothing to wear. Sorry, scratch that – we’ve actually got so much to wear, but we’ve worn it all on so many occasions that it feels like we’ve been wearing one and the same item for years! And, brainstorming through your favorite and less favorite pieces gets somewhat tiring when the new look you are trying to pull off becomes that-already-seen-combo, due to a lack of inspiration or interesting, fresh clothing pieces. Ah… first world problems (sense the irony, please)!

But no, honestly – there’s nothing worse than being stuck in a rut and your fashion suffering; sure, any sort of clothing dilemma cannot really be referred to as a problem, but when you are running a company or working for a few big shots in the industry, you have to look fresh, enviable and presentable. So, once the fashion inspiration leaves, you can know for certain it’s time for a drastic change. And even though you can’t go against the dress code at work, you sure can accessorize to feel better!

Here are a few ideas that will help you up your game and turn your déjà vi outfit into an eye-catching item:

It’s all about the Belts

You can always add a belt or two to make your outfit gorgeous. The good news is that you’ve got a lot of options to choose from, especially with designers coming up with something new every season. This means that you can come up with a new combo every single day and avoid looking the same as the day prior. All trendy designers include at least one wide belt.

Show Your Fierce Side

Despite plenty a speculation on whether we’ve gotten choked on chokers already or if we’re still adoring them, wearing chokers is by far our favorite instant outfit touch-up that makes all the difference. Rocking chokers requires little to no adjusting on your style, which is amazing. Luckily, there’s one for any outfit you already own. The more detail the choker has, the more elegant and sophisticated you will look. Naturally, there’s a line you need to draw – don’t ever go trashy and cheap.

Nowhere without a Chic Bag

Handbags are a must and there’s no argument about it. Got it? Good. Now put aside your casual black handbag, since it’s time to introduce some color into your workfit. Don’t oversize them or you will end up dragging rather than carrying them, and things will look disproportional.

Pretty in Frames

No outfit can be complete without the right shades. Without a good pair, your whole look may suffer! But then – which style should you choose? If you are forcing that urban and edgy look, you can never go wrong with the Ray Ban rb 3025; not only are they perfect for any sunny disposition, they’re ultra chic. If you are more on the chic sophisticated side, opt for a Jackie O or subtle cateye frame – they’ll give your outfit a glamorous touch.

The Final Touch

To complete your work outfit and look the absolute best you can, it’s time to get yourself a brooch. It is the single most important piece of jewelry that will bring together your outfit and subtly elevate it. Try to complement it with your earrings, so that all falls into place. Avoid going pure gold or silver as it will seem too tacky.

Your outfit will say much about you, and it will influence how you feel at work. You are already familiar with the way things work – if you are wearing a dull outfit, your whole day will be just as boring. So, don’t be afraid to spice it up. But, be careful not to overstep the company’s policy or you might be rocking that under-the-bridge look. Elegance comes with practice and you should aim for an overall professional, fun, and a pinch of provocative look.

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