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Fashion line Lalla Bee provides fashion for the everyday sophisticated woman who aims for timeless pieces

Photo credit: Federica Dall’orso


Fashion line Lalla Bee provides fashion for the everyday sophisticated woman who aims for timeless pieces

There are three things that I absolutely love in life—travel, good food and fashion. When you are able to travel, try wonderful cuisine from all across the world and rock a sexy fashion piece while doing it, you are absolutely winning!

When it comes to fashion, owning a statement piece is a must especially if it shows class and sophistication. When it comes to designing that must have sophisticated piece that can be worn both on the runway and in corporate America, international designer Melina Cortes-Nmili of Lalla Bee fits the description.

“I get inspiration from many different places including my background as I am originally from the Dominican Republic, by the women who raised me and I am also inspired by my network that’s where I really go when I am designing.” said Cortes-Nmili.

The Lalla Bee collection is without question sophisticated and timeless as these pieces can be worn for date night, a classy dinner party or even during a business meeting.

“I design for that woman who is strong, has no shame in her strut and can wear a dress,” said Cortes-Nmili who also said “I believe a timeless piece will never go out of style.”

A very interesting fact about the Dominican Republic designer is her story of triumph and humble beginnings.

While growing up in a very urban area, Cortes-Nmili used education as a way to uplift herself and get out of her surroundings. She didn’t take the traditional path of attending a school for fashion but instead she received her MBA and worked as an entrepreneur, which would later help her develop and hone her business skills for her now fledgling fashion line.

Although she opted out of going to design or fashion school, Cortes-Nmili did self educate herself within the industry and as a result is very conventional. She admits that she has a team that helps with the every day flow of her business.

“I’m very comfortable with delegating things but I am also very hands on. I have to see the fabrics that are being used, the colors, and even the brand labels that are used.” said Cortes-Nmili.

With the all-new Spring 2017 collection now available, Lalla Bee’s head owner is now looking forward to continuing to grow her line and business.

“I don’t want to just grow overnight but I want to grow well. I also want to remain genuine in everything that I do.  I strive for perfection everyday so I also want to continue that aspect with the line as well.” said Cortes-Nmili.

Lalla Bee is currently available in select stores and boutiques and also available online.

For more information about Lalla Bee and to see other pieces in the collection, visit

Follow Lalla Bee on social media at:

Instagram: lalla.bee

Facebook: lalla bee

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