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Hobby Time: Hobbies That You Can Pursue This Year


Hobby Time: Hobbies That You Can Pursue This Year

We’re officially five days into the new year and we have already seen several new opportunities happen for those around us. From careers, engagements, and new bundles of joy (babies). However, some of you may have already been content in those areas in 2016 so you aren’t actively trying to pursue any new career, family, or love ventures—but you maybe you do want to try something else exciting for 2017, but what!?!

If your life is already on track then something that you can do to add some spice to your 2017 is adding an additional hobby to your list that you probably never knew you would ever have a keen interest in. If you are stuck on what to pursue, below is a list of hobbies that you can start indulging in today.

Photography. This one is easy and you do not have to have a fancy camera to get started. You can simply start by taking pictures with your iPhone or Android device, or even your iPad. Uf you are one of those girls who is always taking pictures of her food and drinks before digging in then this hobby would be a great one for you to get into.

Scrapbooking. Have a ton of photos just laying around, in your phone, or in boxes? Why not organize them. This will not only keep you busy in your free time, but it will also free up any clutter and will also help you keep organize. You can find everything that you need for this hobby at Hobby Lobby or Michaels.

Jewelry Making. Love jewelry?  Why not make it yourself and it is simple. Hobby Lobby and Michaels also have kits that you can pick up for $15 and under and all extra charms and pendents for $5 and under that you can add to your creation. Next time someone asks you where you got your earrings, you can say that you made it and even open the door to making a little extra cash.

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