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Must-Have Item: Pineapple Decor


Must-Have Item: Pineapple Decor

You know what the best thing is about adulthood and when you get that place of your own? You get to decorate it how you want. Even if you don’t have your own space home wise, but you have an office at work or a home office, the same rule still applies. But if you’re like most you may be bombarded with so many amazing ideas and then there’s Pintrest that makes things better, but then at the same time worst because now you have more ideas and an even a harder time narrowing them down. So here’s one—Pineapple decor!

You’re probably thinking, “Pineapple decor? Why would I want to decorate my place or office in pineapples? Really?” However, believe it or not, pineapples have become popular within the last year or so. Homegoods sells pineapple accessories for the home, like the cookie jar in the picture above. Whether you like ceramic, metal, or glass, you will definitely be able to find it at your local Homegoods or other decor store.

For those that have their own space, pineapple decor makes for great decorations on a coffee or end table. It will instantly make the room pop with a little flavor. Colors that contrast the decor will include: gold, black, silver, or white. The best thing is about this idea is that you don’t need anything else on the tables to compliment the pineapples, but if you choose to add something else to the table, a white ceremic pineapple will work best.

Need something to spice up your desk at work? A pineapple paired with flowers and/or a candle will do the trick. It will provide a soothing and calm atmosphere while you’re working. When you have piles of papers to go through or a countless number of emails to check, the energy of the atmosphere will calm you and relieve you from some of the stresses that work can bring.

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