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New York Fashion Week Approved Accessories


New York Fashion Week Approved Accessories

Hayden Scarf

New York Fashion Week, the Holy Grail of the fashion industry is just around the corner. The who’s who of your favorite magazines, blogs, and websites will all be in attendance to the most coveted fashion shows around. Whether you’re planning to be in attendance, or will be watching from afar, you know the importance of looking good from head to toe… and everything in between. Don’t worry about your cold weather accessories taking away from your fabulous looks because luxury scarf maker Loop + Bond has got you covered.

Marley Scarf

Since it’s made from Grade A cashmere fibers, the Hayden Scarf provides outstanding warmth whilst feeling supremely soft, and its impressive durability allows it to resist pilling. The dual diamond and checkered design makes this scarf look both cutting edge and classic. Available in multiple colors, there’s a version of the Hayden Scarf to match anyone’s style or personal aesthetic. The extended length makes it incredibly versatile, and it can be worn tucked, open, knotted or tied.

The Marley Scarf features a dual diamond and triangular pattern in contrasting colors is both inventive and classic in design. This is the perfect accessory for fashion mavericks with a love of understated elegance. The Marley Scarf features a long length that is easy to style in numerous ways, making this scarf an ever-stylish and practical fashion accessory.

While it’s made from the same Grade-A cashmere fiber as the other scarves in Loop + Bond’s collection, the Hunter

Hunter Scarf

Scarf sets itself apart with its distinctive herringbone design in contrasting colors. While the Hunter Scarf features one of our most traditional designs, its spaced-out pattern keeps it fresh and visually interesting. This is truly the chameleon of their collection, and it has the ability to look like a whole new accessory depending on how it’s styled. Loop it once, twice or thrice. There’s a way to wear the Hunter Scarf with any outfit.

Each scarf in the Loop + Bond collection is made is a small, family-owned factory in the heart of Inner Mongolia. With a length that boasts a whopping 12-inches wide and 70-inches long, you can wear it multiple ways for extra comfort.

Prices range from $100 to $125 and are available on the Loop + Bond website.

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