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Top 5 Staircase Design Ideas


Top 5 Staircase Design Ideas

Staircases are quite an essential part of any home, they not only connect the different levels, but if done correctly can add something different to the overall interior design of your home while also being a focal point. This is why many people take designing their staircases very seriously and rightly. We are here to help you do exactly that with our Top 5 Staircase Design Ideas.

In this list, we will be going through some ideas that could help you when you are thinking or designing your home and need some inspiration or ideas for what your staircase you will want. These ideas do take into account materials and will give you the best of what is currently popular amongst the home owners.

  1. Under stair Storage: This is a great idea for people who have a smaller house but want to be able to maximize every inch of it. These types of stairs work well in almost any house, and since they are mostly made of wood, they work with almost any type of interior design. The storage options can be anything from a full storage wardrobe to shelves and drawers too.
  2. Floating Stairs: This type of design is a great idea as it offers a very clean look and does lend itself more to house that is more modern in design. It’s minimalistic look also works well when pair with a glass railing or works great on its own and can be made from wood or any other material. This type of design is very common these days and can be found in a variety of different looks and implementations. Floating stairs, along with their obvious use, allows you to have tons of space underneath the stairs, space you can do what you want with it.

3. The Spiral: This staircase design is being around for a long time and is still a favorite among many home owners. However, nowadays you can find many different interpretations on the spiral staircase. From wood to Glass and metal, Spiral Staircases are not limited in anyway by material and can provide a space savings too, as they don’t take up much place. Even adding color to the spiral or creating a unique design around will just add to the style and functionality of the spiral staircase.

4. Hanging Stairs: This is another design idea that has become quite popular recently. This idea uses the stairs itself to provide support to the next flight of stairs, as though they were hanging off each other. This design is a real eye catcher as it looks big but is only confined to staircase area. This design is done mainly in wood and adds an earthy feel to the overall decor of the home.

5. Glass and Vivid colors: These two ideas may seem a little bit weird to mention but you will be amazed to see what they can do. This is especially true if you are designing an office space, but holds equally true when you are designing your home. Glass will be able to add a lighter feel to the stairs while a slash of color will brighten up Not to mention it can be an accent color and have your home look great.

Designing your home is a very emotional and tiring thing to do, but with the help of this list you can be sure of one thing, designing your staircase will be something that will not take up much time and you will be surely happy with the result.

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