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Why Black Love is So Important?


Why Black Love is So Important?

Shannon Morris' parents

Shannon Morris’ parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley and Delbra Morris
Mom: Fort Worth, TX Dad: Atlanta, GA
Married on May 25, 1985 in Atlanta, GA
Been together for 25 years and still going strong

Black love is something special, yet its’ power is so underestimated. Why should we continue to strive for love and support within our community, when it is out of reach and view? Listen to what I have to say, let me teach and enlighten you:

Black love is so prevailing, it brings us together to lift up the spirits of our oppressed, so why is this same type of love so often suppressed?

Black love is balanced, though not exclusive between a man and woman;

It’s shared amongst friends, neighbors, and the children

Black love should be praised, so we shall not reprimand

Even those that deny it’s existence, cannot deny it’s command

Black love is oh so wise, sharing wisdom without the need to patronize

When a man’s pride is shattered, he needs a woman to help him realize,

That he is still a King, so he longs for a Queen

To honor, nurture, and become a mother to his seed

To cherish her family, and support him in his time of need.

Black love is superior, but don’t get it twisted

Let me explain before you dismiss it… just in case you missed it…

Black love is superior, because it knows it’s worth

Despite being called inferior, it is the reason life exists on Earth…

Black love is so mighty, it is able to convince

That beautiful black princesses will one day find her prince

Black love is so precious

More so than Diamonds and Pearls…

Why is black love so important you ask?

Its’ very essence can withstand the test of time, prejudices, and injustices in the world.

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Shannon Morris

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Shannon Morris’s family knew from the moment she was born, that she was going to be successful in the entertainment industry. She possessed a love of film, the arts, reading, and writing at a very young age, having excelled in anything remotely artistic. Her natural ability to attract attention and connect with people connected her towards a career in the entertainment and healthcare industry.



  1. ----

    August 22, 2016 at 8:07 pm

    I belive strongly in equality for all people no matter what race skin complexion or whatever there may be. I am a white male in highschool. 9 months ago I asked a beautiful and kind black girl out in my class and we are still dating today. I am frustrated by what I see in the news although I do believe the vast majority of people are good. Recently I found out that a interracial couple was stabbed by a white supremacist. but Dosent this crazy man aside from the violence share the same belief as black love? the article “why is black live so important” even says explicitly that ‘black loce is superior’. This is a dagger to my heart. I disagree with it. So is our love meaningless? Because that is what your saying. I have been complemented a couple time because of the way I treat her and she has told me she loves me. How can our love not matter or my parents who are amazing people who are both white?

    • SophisticatedRelations

      August 22, 2016 at 9:32 pm

      We are in no way saying ‘Black Love is superior”. What the article is stating is that so many people undermine black love. There are a lot of Black women who don’t want to date Black men because they were hurt by one in the past so they then label all black men as bad guys, when no matter what race a guy is, he can still hurt you. We have interracial couples in our families that we love VERY MUCH! This article is simply just to remind those that have been hurt that there is still hope in Black love and to grow the black community, male and female, because some black men also have classified all Black women are ghetto as due to one or two experiences. People can choose to date whomever they want. We just want those who love dating their Black queens and Kings to not give up on each other because of past experiences.

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